Best Basement Ceiling Options

Finished basements are one of the best ways to add space a value to a home. There are many different basement ceiling options available to choose from. In fact there are so many basement ceiling options that it can be difficult to know which is the best for your home. Here we will briefly discuss your options and explain some of the pros and cons of each ceiling type.

Open Ceiling (Painted)

One of the simplest types of ceiling is the painted open floor joist style. This can look great, especially in older homes with larger floor joist. This also works well when a basement has low ceilings or when the homeowner needs easy access to plumbing or wiring that often runs through the basement ceiling.

Drop Ceiling

One of the most common basement ceiling options used today is the drop ceiling. Drop ceilings have the advantage of covering all the exposed plumbing and wiring while still allowing the homeowner to have easy access to them. Drop ceilings can also add a layer of insulation and sound isolation between the basement and first floor. Unfortunately they require the most space of all the basement ceiling options and therefore don’t work well for basements with low ceilings.

basement ceiling options - drop ceiling

Drop Ceiling

Paneling and Siding

One of the more unique basement ceiling options is using paneling or siding. These can come in sheets or individual boards that are often tongue and groove style or click together in some fashion. One advantage of this basement ceiling option is the large variety of choices. Wood or vinyl are common materials and most can be painted to any color.


For homeowners who want their basement to feel like the rest of their house drywall is one of the best basement ceiling options. Drywall is such a common construction material that it can be cheap and easy to have a contractor install. The downside of drywall is that it is not intended to be removed so it can be difficult to access any utilities running behind it. Often times access hatches are installed in important areas. Drywall also works well with insulating and sound isolating the basement and first floor.

Stamped Metal, Mirrors and other Unique Options

For creative individuals there are hundreds of other basement ceiling ideas. Stamped metal tiles are one of the most elegant options. Mirrors can be used to make a room look taller. You can even plaster hub caps all over the ceiling if you are looking for something unique. These are all minor variations on the same concepts. Each of these basement ceiling options requires some sort of base or method for applying the object to the ceiling. Plywood can be used to hold hub caps or the ceiling can be left open and the can be hung by rope or wire.

best ceiling options - stamped metal tiles

Stamped Metal Tiles – Source

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